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norelem wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

23. december 2022

We would like to thank our customers for a rewarding and developing year.

Keeping Cool with norelem’s New Range of Coolant Hoses

21. december 2022

Coolant hoses are crucial to the safe operation, maintenance and lifespans of machinery.

Dovetailing beautifully for precise positioning

9. december 2022

Design engineers and manufacturing managers looking for improved positioning accuracy on production lines can achieve fast, precise adjustments with the range of dovetail slides from standard components specialist norelem.

norelem’s Hygienic DESIGN

4. november 2022

Building a safe and efficient future for the Food & Drink Manufacturing Industry: The role of norelem’s Hygienic DESIGN standard components

norelem expand their range of clamping technology

21. oktober 2022

 German standard components manufacturer norelem has significantly expanded their clamping technology range of products, with more than 800 items being added to the “norelem positions” group of products.

norelem introduces new emergency stop buttons and switches

28. september 2022

German standard component manufacturer norelem is introducing a new range of emergency stop buttons and position switches to help improve operational safety.

norelem Introduces New Range of A4 Stainless Steel Component

14. september 2022

norelem has expanded its portfolio of products with the new A4 quality stainless steel connection elements for demanding environments.

Gevindindsatser - Threaded inserts

13. september 2022

norelem manufacturer and supplier of standard parts, threaded inserts in many different models.

BIGGER, GREENER, BETTER: norelem’s catalog 2022

31. august 2022

BIGGER, GREENER, BETTER: norelem’s 2022 Edition of THE BIG GREEN BOOK is back with over 70,000 components

norelem standard parts helps sustainable packaging industry

18. august 2022

How norelem’s standard components help shape a more sustainable packaging industry

Safety first: switches from norelem improve operator safety

25. maj 2022

Enhancing safety for operators of machine tools and production lines, norelem’s range of non-contact safety switches offer a robust, reliable and easy-to-integrate solution for manufacturers.

Optimally route wiring with norelem’s energy chains

13. maj 2022

norelem’s range of energy chains now include plastic energy chains, ensuring cables and wires can be optimally routed and protected.

Safety Secured: The critical components ensuring safety

27. april 2022

Manufacturing outputs have increased over the years putting more strain on key components, which can lead to unexpected downtime and even bring danger to the workforce.

Reducing tension with norelem’s new flat head screw

21. april 2022

Engineers and manufacturers looking to reduce tension and extend the service life of machines and systems now find a solution in norelem’s flat head screw with tolerance compensation.

Taking the plunge with norelem’s new plastic spring plungers

28. februar 2022

Engineers and manufacturers looking for reliable workholding and positioning devices can now turn to norelem’s new range of lateral spring plungers.

A Guide to Linear Guide Technology

23. februar 2022

Linear guides are a must in any industrial setting, to help move equipment and objects on the production line. Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem explains what to consider when specifying a linear guide.

Grid, locked: Clamping elements available from norelem

18. februar 2022

Grid, locked: Clamping elements available from norelem for grid table systems. Engineers looking for workholding devices for grid table systems can turn to norelem’s extensive range of clamps and fixing components.

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